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The Big Boss

HELLO WORLD my name is May Mickky I'm from Toronto,Canada. my age is 17. I hate SUSHI! I love Justin Bieber.

Friend Home

Justin Bieber
He is amazing.
Flying back

my new boyfriend- the awsome day :)
okey guys i newer have a boyfriend just like he see his picture..

 i know this picture is realy hard to belive that he!...so i tell to you who he names!

name:aiman aliff
year old:14 (he are realy old to me but he was scholl..)

okey and then he are realy suck to me but he are realy awsome to me
i think so u cannot to find he...
just like me i realy lucky(Haha i realy hapy now)
okey guys u  have to know what i talking before he want to cuople with me!...

                                          that a damaged...
i realy awsome lover!!...