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The Big Boss

HELLO WORLD my name is May Mickky I'm from Toronto,Canada. my age is 17. I hate SUSHI! I love Justin Bieber.

Friend Home

Justin Bieber
He is amazing.
Flying back

Need it?
Turn off. I just remind that i can accept in any love time. K finee; I want you but not for forever but why you think it will be forever? serius you love me? I need a time to think it and approve it. sorry if late. T__T ^ Okay think about date or whatever it just like bother me. i can't face all. serius. So enough it. i just want you to let go. i think im not a girl that you find it. Yeahh. that is a good desicion. i hope so you can accept it. if you understand me please agree it. So done. I want my awesome day back. i don't want to trash. it's over to be nice at people. serius. i must kind at people Yeahh. that is good. So love. I hate you. it much pain. .__.