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The Big Boss

HELLO WORLD my name is May Mickky I'm from Toronto,Canada. my age is 17. I hate SUSHI! I love Justin Bieber.

Friend Home

Justin Bieber
He is amazing.
Flying back

Hey. Lonely is my life now and forever. I can't see my life in this world. i talk alone. i feel so crazier. it's just like a damn wrold. oh. i can blame this world. K finee ; i just think selfish. i thought he so far. oh shit. my cousin too, their never feel shy. now their in my house. but they feel like their house. huh? seriusly. i never say that their is wrong. i hide my feel. so their never knew it. finee; i like to be with they but not for forever. what the hell. their is much selfish. btw i must respectful for my mother. i wake up 2:35 am i pray. i pray to be peaceful and i hope i can be their loved ones for my family. so that all K baiii